Life can only be harmonious through focused and permanent Management


  • Listening to you is my first action to understand your situation

  • My job is to stay in constant audit to manage your business effectively, solve each problem, then if you wish, organize a strategy that will ensure the smooth running of the whole.

  • I clarify and compile your files so that they can be presented to lawyers or administrative services; thus you save time and  fees.

  • Whatever the file, I adapt to the sector of activity and thanks to my multidimensional expertise, I advise you for the short, medium or long term.

  • Private management, like entrepreneurial one is increasingly complex because constantly evolving technology and the internationalization of all media reduce the particularities.

  • You  think you are doing well, but often the problems increase since it's the beginning that may have been badly managed; lack of experience and forecasts can cause these situations.

Examples of services

[find a bank, financing that corresponds to your possibilities and your aspirations / prepare the legal registration of deeds at the Registry of the French Commercial Court until the certificate of publication / prepare a change of tax residence, a divorce , an inheritance, an acquisition, or a sale of real estate or other property, / a tax audit / a transfer of companies / work on a main or secondary residence, town planning problems and questions / major water damage, miscellaneous disputes]