•  2024 French and foreign administrative management for individuals and companies
  • 2022/2024 Advice and assistance for the divorce of a Parisian client with 2 residences in the south of France and Paris; law firm in Draguignan and TGI of Draguignan
  • 2022/2024 For an American client, forced settlement file following a private dispute, Jurisdiction of Perpignan
  • 2022/2024 Management of the professional and private administrative life of an American with an apartment in Paris (tax issues, maintenance of the apartment) and monitoring of files in the USA and Paris
  • 2021/2024 Advice for French people living in California, owner of a Parisian property and studies to determine the tax issues of their return to France as French residents
  • 2023/04 Advice for foreign nationality file, in Court of Cassation for Moroccan client living in France
  • 2022/06 Consultations for land, tax, and real estate destinations following a dispute with the General Directorate of Public Finances of Paris 6
  • 2019 Consulting for Real Estate and creation of a his private company in Paris for Qatari individual
  • 2019 Advice for a complex and contentious Franco-Belgian private part of succession,  in the file of company Pierre Balmain
  •  2010/2017 Assistance for life insurance and loans for property acquisition. Annual monitoring of the customer portfolio according to AMF regulations for CIF and CGPI for Sarl EG Conseil. In 2017 sale of the company. Implementation of the digitalization of the customer portfolio as well as all the administrative, legal, commercial and contractual documents since its creation in 2001.

    2017 Professional and private management for an international musician (Concerts in Poland, Romania, Vatican, Israel)

    2014/2016 External consultant in luxury hotels in Paris for Asian investors, and for a hotel in Martigues (South of France)

  • 2002 to 2013 Total Business Manager (administration, technical work) of a property company with 5 subsidiaries in Paris and Neuilly; (residents and commercial leases) / (from €10M to 30M), rue Tronchet, the Pourtalès Building

  • 2008 to the end of 2011 : Administrative manager, participation in Hôtel Royal Monceau (with the new Qatari team), transformation of offices and apartments into luxury tourist residences and housing.
  • From 2002 to 2024 : Permanent "Family Office" for a single client in charge of his tax, private real estate in France, financial, national and international business files, his private assets, real estate in France and abroad;