My past ...

My professional studies have made me known, beauty, accuracy, and perseverance.  I was a freelance stylist for several years in Milan, New York and Paris.

Then professional encounters led me to new paths and it was as an employee that I entered the rapidly evolving world of Direct Marketing (Network / databases). The French company that employed me became European and then global before going public and being sold. 2000, I became self-employed again as the private manager of one of the partners. I managed real estate projects in France, Europe, China, the Middle East, then Brazil with the help of large teams of architects, business lawyers, tax specialists and banksFrench and international. I have dealt with art collections, private planes, boats, cars and other private property.

New encounters made me manage for 2 years the professional and private life of an international musician (with the follow-up of his concerts in Israel, Romania, the Vatican, Poland).

At the same time, my personal travels and the diplomas I obtained during my studies in Philosophy (on political power), allow me to follow geopolitical developments in order to be the most reactive whatever the sectors of activity and countries of my clients.