A few words about the concept of world heritage

Heritage is the legacy of the past that we enjoy today and that we pass onto future generations.

Can you love the new places you discover on each trip around the world?

Sometimes you are surprised, sometimes you are devastated thinking about the damage caused to humans and nature.

I want to keep in mind the past of every civilization with the share of happiness and history even with pain but hope through our current feeling and understanding.

Here is my definition of world heritage from East and West in all the continents visited

The stone is alive like fire and air, it resists up to a certain heat, it wears away with the weight of the years and the passage of our footsteps

Stone is alive and must be maintained, covered and pampered like our skin!

Each building has a history and reflects, through its windows in sunny or melancholy hues, part of the past and part of our future desires.

Stone is alive and, like nature, it must be respected

Paris, Venice, Malta, Herzliya and all Israël, New York Central Park, Le Concorde, New York and its World Trade Center, Easter Island, the Acropolis, Egypt, Angkor Wat in Cambodia, Petra in Jordanand many other places…