Reason and well being


Since the pandemic, city dwellers have wanted to escape or get closer to seaside resorts and provincial residents have improved their housing, having become aware of their place of residence.

Since then, greenery in large pots, flowered balconies and other perennials have adorned new spaces or old places hastily "renovated" "to make it green".

We talk about the suffocation of the planet while driving our SUV and planning our weekend for the wealthiest two hours away by plane.

If town halls could find certain owners of old houses in the heart of villages so that the dilapidated facades no longer offer so many ghost alleys which devastate us even in summer. If it were possible, to breathe new life into fallow land, with insects and butterflies, instead of allowing the construction of housing estates that resist neither new storms nor today's scorching temperatures or, even worse, villas with swimming pools which eat up the last watercourses.... So we could allow ourselves to hope that the intelligence of the human race will still allow beautiful summers under the trees!