"a family business, during its existence, necessarily needs the expertise of a family office, in one form or another."

Since 2001, I have been a "Single Family Office" Manager

We must immediately differentiate between personal structures, the American family trust having nothing to do with that of the British or those of other countries in terms of their management and the tax rules applied.

As a "single family officer", I am your partner in reflection and discussion, or according to your wishes, the single point of contact for all your concerns in order to synthesize and organize the structure of interventions in your life.

A set of services ranging from administrative to luxury concierge services as an expression of your "art of living".

For your investments, you have your bankers, investors, wealth management advisors; but for what concerns your practical life (whatever the country), you need a simplification agent who identifies, studies, manages, optimizes.

My job is polymorphous, and evolves in the same way as your needs.

It is not about luxury and wealth, it is first about taking care of your entire heritage with precision in order to perpetuate what exists in a contemporary commitment. .

You have to know how to listen to what is happening in the world to draw from it all the excellence, solutions and innovations and make them benefit you by removing pitfalls and other toxic new developments.

Because the existence of assets calls above all for respect for what has been achieved by you and your family, the "Single Family Office" Manager is the one who ensures, thanks to his far-sighted and active protection, continuous and effective management.